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All the cracks, which are currently included in the download of our catalog should work (at least 95% of them are). As you can see, there are more than 900 + downloads of software, so we do not have and no warranty will give 100% of the tools work well. It is very important to follow the instructions, we offer exactly, step by step for any software. Almost all of them on the Internet, engine search marketing tools are suitable for Windows only (with the exception of the WordPress themes and plug-ins, of course) and search engine optimization. It is recommended that you use on a Windows computer, but if you want to take your Mac and still benefit from, you must install "Parallel" on your Mac run Windows-based applications. In addition, all can run these tools in Windows VPS (today, they are cheap and will cost approximately $10 - $15 per month). I can't. More cracked versions are not editable (except where specified in the instruction file that accompanies all trust jacker download software). We try to update the software broke, whenever a new version is available. We provide no technical support or troubleshooting. We tried several times and found it extremely difficult to serve as a support for a number of different software (applications 850 + different la?). We have therefore, now no questions asked. If you need help, refer to the instructions, any software, we have prepared for this. We offer only the download of the software. If you do not know how to use-without an another hundred tutorials you can find on Google and YouTube. Our goal is to provide the best SEO and marketing, tools, because everyone can afford expensive software in the Internet today requires the rank of your site in Google and other search engines, or just simply to update your Web site to the next level. But as soon as you are satisfied and earn enough suggest we buy original products to assist developers. The answer is quite simple, if you think: why does run free, updated monthly, providing customer support, server, bandwidth costs much time and effort on the site to manage the DMCA posters, transparencies, etc., unlike our competitors do not disturb broken download links and other types of listen BS with Flash on our pages, redirect, surveys and even worse to. Our goal is to increase seriously man, work to meet their time and are ready, we offer the premium service pays a small fee. Yes, this is just a contribution for a lifetime VIP $97. However, we reserve the right, that increase prices for our subscription at any time (applies to record a new single member). If you have already joined, there's no reason to worry, now everything is ready. Therefore, if you serious about your Internet marketing efforts, it has not best time to register now. Yes. We work with one of the largest online PayPal payment. It is certified by VeriSign, MasterCard, Visa and many other companies that make services online for your safety. The information was available at PayPal and is only used to complete your order. We are unable to access your data. So even if you don't believe it, you can rely 100% on the treatment of payments from our partners. Once we receive the payment we will send you access to our exclusive VIP Member area, you will find all downloads of data. Usually, we will immediately send you in a few minutes. Because all orders are processed manually, it can take up to several hours (but not more than 12 hours). We deliver what we promise. But we offer no guarantee for the money in the purchase of our return of accession. Due to the nature of digital file downloads, all sales are final. N. is strictly against cough. If we, that you don't recognize (and trust us-it make us) membership account is permanently banned without warning. In this case, please do not send us an email and you questions 'Why?', because you know the answer. If you have any questions or concerns, or want to just say 'Hello', you can see [email protected], always get in touch with,. .