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Are the upper and lower ball joints replaced with that there is one?When trying to decide pay my ball joints or someone sick. It doesn't seem too difficult, as you have the right tools. Paid a bit curious what people. Thanks for the info. mine was fairly cheap for parts, $ 40 received, caused pain wanted EM. If I'm not mistaken, I think it was $ 200 or more. She is not so difficult if you patients. You can rent an automatic Extractor advanced tools, and can be good. My friend and his 96 have half a ton and were not hurt. Then 2 weeks meeting looked, and Oh man, what kind of work. Stupid hood was not in me or grand-tree, so I had to make some tools. But now my work much better truck tires leave no arc over. MOOG is the more expensive pieces, but they are the best. Thay have a Warenty life and grease fittings. Try with someone who has done it before to help. 2 heads and 4 Handa re better than 1 and 2 thanks for the input. My room not so much. Happened, was that I am and tired again Friday. A good deal on tires, but the place I said all new bearings and a new track bar required. I knew that to give the playhead. Has yet to decide on a link or playhead Thruen give Luke. Also started, telephone calls and went to a place in that review. Said it was a small gesture, but it is not enough to justify the truth, whenever my ball joints. So that's what suggested yesterday a good place to go 4-4 and my local company x. I'll see what they say. Wow, I think that feed on this working group of BS. With this kind of mileage is not bad. Worrie cannot be started in about 130 to 150 k, undeveloped and questions about the command. I totally agree. I went with my finger the common cause of the ball at the tire shop. For this reason I. He doesn't feel anything for me. And then, after having quoted me $ 1. 100 for change and a new track bar was to make me believe that they were full of s *. You are absolutely right, they are just naive and see if they take the bait. A good choice. I run about 35 50. 000 miles. Strong box your Cancel need new ball joints, no hope that I visited the safe place. In doing so, it is only if you do it yes or no. If a few hundred will not save $ my value. But if I am the difference between five or six cents to do it yourself. I remember in terms of performance. 16 x 10 tyres are American Racing Atlas. I almost forgot. My superiors are Greasable bearings. Should a fat upper corresponding joints? trust jacker price Are you sure you are original? They did without gun, maybe just added in ' 01. In any case, that low when not even up to go, but of course it's better to do everything at the same time. My 2001 has ball joints upper, CTD fat but assumed that they were any joint replacement or have several trees Dana 60. Must be something in 2001. It seems strange to me that my top are not Greasable on land. And there are so many differences from one year to another in this Dodge. I understand this, but also reduces the professional-quality replacement Spicer for my 1500 in 2001 I had no Zerk fitting. I think it's due to the construction of the joint. No where really if one Zerk on it. I did only this has a 1500 w 94/305. above my 000 to do so. What this scam Trac bar around the ring, when the ball together, is usually heavy in tyre wear. I already had a press and lubricate joints in Napa. Very simple tools, that this will work if you have something mechanical. In all cases, you must press and Torx socket for the Center. If you have this is a no-brainer. It took me about 3 hours w/lunch and a rotation of the tire. To use most of our features, you must first register. Enter your desired user, address, e-mail address and other information requested in the form below. If you do not want to register, please fill in this field only and names are used as the username for your contribution. To determine whether you are a human being and not a spam bot, please enter the answer in the next box, below on the basis of the information contained in the graphic ,.